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Autumn term courses in Helsinki are published
The courses of Helsinki Adult Education Centre and Helsingfors arbis are published on Ilmonet. Next autumn we have over 3 200 courses to choose from.

You can study for example cooking, arts, crafts, music, languages, media, ICT, theatre, literature, health and wellbeing. Courses are held evening, daytime and weekends. Many of the topics you can study online.

Enrolment in Helsinki starts 16 to 18 August. The exact date and time is mentioned on each course.
Published July 2, 2021

Explore the autumn courses of Espoo Adult Education Centre
The courses of Espoo Adult Education Centre/Espoon työväenopisto and Esbo Arbis are published on Ilmonet.

Enrolment in Espoo started on 8 to 10 June and continues as long as there are free seats. Please browse the newsletter of Espoo Adult Education Centre for more information. Enrolment for Finnish courses starts 9.–11.8.

The autumn courses of Vantaan Aikuisopisto are on Ilmonet on 3 June. The courses of Helsinki Adult Education Centre/Helsingin työväenopisto and Helsingfors arbis you can browse on Ilmonet from 14 June onwards. Enrolment in Vantaa starts 9 to 11 August and in Helsinki 16 to 18 August. Enrolment in Espoo continues all autumn.

You are very welcome to come and join us!

Published May 24, 2021

Autumn term courses in Vantaa are published
Even though summer is only beginning, you can start planning autumn too. The course catalogue is history in Vantaa.
All autumn term courses in Vantaa are now published on Ilmonet.

However, we do not publish a traditional course catalogue in August anymore. You can find all our courses here.

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The latest newsletter (in Finnish) you can read here: Kesäkuun uutiset

Enrolment begins in August
Enrolment for Vantaan aikuisopisto’s courses begins on 9 to 11 August at 13.00. The exact date is mentioned on each course.

In the autumn – if the pandemic situation allows – most courses will return to class rooms. Social distancing is still taken into account, and the maximum number of students on new courses is smaller than normally.
Published June 4, 2021