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Out in nature
Are you a fan of the outdoors? Is hiking or boating perhaps your choice of having a good time? 
Start a new hobby or dig deeper into the hobby you already have! We have short courses as well as longer courses on eg. boating, hiking and even astronomy. All our teachers are experts on their own fields.

Knowing what to do and how to act makes your outdoor experience safer. When you are familiar with the rules and the restrictions and know the plants, you can protect yourself better. The new Water Traffic Act has been in force since 1 June 2020. Are you aware of the new regulations? Are you familiar with the safety equipment needed? Can you read the navigation chart? On our water transport courses you can update your knowledge. 

Enroll on our courses – you’ll find inspiration, ideas, knowhow and skills!

Open university

Did you know that Open university studies are an excellent gateway to the world of science? 

You can find courses to strenghten your knowhow for work, increase your general knowledge, try out what it feels like to study at a university or even spend a sabbatical leave studying something totally new. Open university is for everyone what ever age you are or whatever education background you may have. Open University courses are also suitable for completing while working. 

Are you interested in psyhcology, education, languages, creative writing or perhaps future research – just to name a few? You can find plenty of Open university courses on Ilmonet.